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As a data scientist I love to challenge long-held ideas. I am excited by challenging the status quo with data-driven ideas. I thrive in fast-paced environments where people work collaboratively to inspire the best work from each other.  As a teacher, and coach,  I aim to identify insights for teams seeking to constantly improve and deliver excellent ideas, products, and innovations.

I have done in depth analysis using neural networks and other ML classification algorithms to predict future NBA player performance and value. This work was featured in the online publication Towards Data Science. I have used NLP to classify subreddit posts from Texas and California politics subreddits and have used ML regression techniques to predict housing prices in various US cities. In my current role as Data Science Instructor with General Assembly I tackle projects using various programming languages like Python and Scala and implement tools such as Keras, Tensor Flow and Scikit-Learn.

When tackling a data science problem I aim not only to find an answer, but to understand the best practical application of an analysis. As a former teacher, I know that the sign of complete understanding something is the ability to effectively communicate that understanding to those who don't have the background I do. Effective communication is a skill I deeply value and strive to achieve at each stage of a data science project.

I believe clear and precise data visualization can help create understanding when presenting a complex data science problem. I encourage you to peruse my website to see more of my work. Feel free to email me with additional questions. 

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